Thousands honor MLK in DC

WASHINGTON D.C. – Across the country, people honored Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday. The MLK Memorial in Washington DC was full of people from all over who came to remember his legacy.

Lafe Brackenridge was one of those people. He has lived in DC for almost 30 years, but on Monday he brought a friend from out of town to enjoy the MLK memorial.

“It’s very touching,” Brackenridge said. “Almost to the point where I’m going to be getting into tears.”

For Arkansas native Melvin Clayton, being at the memorial on this day was especially significant.

“This is my first time seeing the monument,” he said. “And I think MLK is the only African American to have a monument in DC so I feel like this is a very sacred and beautiful place to be.”

The memorial wasn’t the only place people gathered to honor MLK on Monday. Our national lawmakers were remembering MLK in places all across the city.

Vice President Joe Biden was at the National Action Network’s breakfast on Monday – speaking about voting rights and inequality.

President Obama and the First Lady spent the day doing public service in DC. They served food to the less fortunate.

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