Internet hacking causes concern for ACA site

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The recent data breach at giant retailer Target brings the dangers of internet hacking to the forefront, and now members of Congress are trying to take steps to make sure a hacking scandal does not hit the Affordable Carae Act website.

After a disastrous roll-out, and multiple news conferences, is up and running. But Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) said she remains wary of the site’s security.

“If you as a personal individual have to give me as the government some of your personal information, I better make sure it’s secure,” she said.

Miller, who is the vice chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, said the Obama Administration rolled out the health care website without assessing all of the risks.

“Even though they were warned many times that there was huge consternation with security technology experts about the website, I don’t think they took that into adequate consideration,” she said.

The security concern is why the House passed two pieces of legislation this week to combat the problems. The first bill makes sure the public is notified if there is a security breach. The second makes sure Congress is aware of how many people have signed up for coverage. Miller said it is the best way to keep everyone’s personal information safe.

“There’s a huge difference on Capitol Hill here about Obamacare, whether it should be repealed or whatever. But in the interim, at a minimum, we have to make sure people’s security is secure,” she said.

Ohio Congresswoman Mary Kaptur (D) said she has not heard any complaints about security problems from constituents. She said she knows how harmful a breach can be, but does not expect one with this site.

“When it’s a government web site, I would say there is a greater sense of security, because it is a federal instrumentality,” Kaptur said.

But Kaptur agrees keeping the American people safe is the top priority.

“We just have to learn how to grow into this internet age and this computer age, and provide the protections that are necessary for consumers,” she said.

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