WENY: G20: All Access – Obama talks global economy, Syria

September 06, 2013

ST. PETERSBURG – President Barack Obama is on his way back to Washington after meeting with world leaders at the G20 Summit. The President concentrated his meetings on how to stimulate the global economy…and our economic situation right here in America. President Obama met with a small group of press inside a briefing room. But most of his remarks were not what you’d expect at a G20 economic summit.

“The United States is a source of strength in the global economy. Our manufacturing sector is rebounding. New rules have strengthened our banks and reduced the chance of another crisis,” President Obama said.

But the President’s remarks quickly moved from the economy to Syria. Nearly every reporter called on asked about the possibility of U.S. force there.

The President was clear on his position, saying, “We may not solve the whole problem but this particular problem of using chemical weapons on children. This one we might have an impact on and that’s worth acting on. That’s important to us.”

President Obama admitted to a brief meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin saying while the leaders disagree on Syria, the meeting was constructive.

Obama said he knows using force is going to be a hard sell but it’s something he believes in and he’s under no allusion support from Congress and the American public will come easy.

Even when pressed hard – the President wouldn’t answer whether or not he will use force in Syria if Congress doesn’t give him the go ahead.

“I understand the skepticism. I think it is very important therefore for us to work through systematically making the case to every senator and every member of Congress and that’s what we are doing,” he explained.

President Obama told us he will address the American public about the crisis in Syria on Tuesday.

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