Obama designates new monument in Waco

WASHINGTON – The White House says it’s all about preserving everything we love about Waco.

“Many times it’s the local communities that help raise our awareness ab the places they want to see protected,” said Sally Jewell, Secretary of Interior.

President Obama bypassed Congress in order to get this done. He issued an executive order to designate the Waco Mammoth site as a national monument. Obama has used this privlidge more than any other President.

Jewell is commending the Waco community for helping protect the new Waco Mammoth National Monument … a site that’s clearly caught her attention.

“A place that’s really unique in terms of our pal history. This group of mother mammoths 65 thousand years ago was swept up in a flood and we learn ab their behavior by studying their bones,” she said.

Jewel tells us she thinks the new national monument will be great for the local economy – but doesn’t have any specific numbers yet.

The President used what’s called the Antiquities Act to push through the designation. The Act was first used by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906.

Texas isn’t the only state getting a new national monument – Nevada and California also received designations from the president. All together the new monuments protect / cover more than one million acres of public land.

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