Obama welcomes Buckeyes to White House

WASHINGTON – President Obama welcomed The Ohio State University Buckeyes football team to the White House today. The visit honored the team on winning the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship.

The president praised all three Ohio State quarterbacks: Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett, and Braxton Miller, even poking fun at the players.

“We learned that Cardale Jones is not your average third string quarterback, anybody with a nickname like ‘12 Gauge’ has to be taken seriously,” Obama said.

The team had to stand on risers just to fit together behind the president – most of the players wearing red ties. They presented the President with the actual national championship football and a custom jersey reading Obama – and the number 44.

The president said it was an historic year in college football and he made some political jokes, too.

“This is Ohio State’s eight National Championship; it’s Coach Meyers third time winning it with his second team, which is pretty impressive. I have only done it twice and for the same team both times,” he said.

The players we talked to said visiting the White House was unlike anything else they’re ever experienced.

The Buckeyes day in Washington didn’t end here, the players also hit up the capitol to be honored by lawmakers.

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