Ohio governor talks Netanyahu, presidential run

WASHINGTON – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a passionate speech to Congress Tuesday morning, depicting Iran as a “threat to the entire world” because of its emerging nuclear program. And Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) – who was in the crowd – says he agrees with Netanyahu’s assessment.

“Proliferation of all of this nuclear materials and nuclear weapons is so dangerous for all of us,” Kasich said.

He also slammed President Obama for not extending a private invitation to meet with Netanyahu.

“This is too important to be drawing lines in the sand here,” Kasich said.

So why did the governor watch the prime minister’s speech from the U.S. Capitol instead of from his desk in Ohio? Kasich, who refuses to say whether or not he’s running for president, could be a possible presidential contender in 2016.

He says he hasn’t made a decision yet but, “you will be one of the first to know when I decide.”

Kasich has foreign policy experience and a number of Congressional years under his belt. He served on the House Armed Services Committee for 18 years and sat with his Republican colleagues in the House chamber during Netanyahu’s speech. Over the course of the next few weeks, he’ll be traveling the country – touting his budget plans and the successes he’s having in Ohio.

Kasich says he talked one on one with Netanyahu and pledged his support for Israel. When you mix that with his plans to travel the country giving speeches – it sure makes Kasich sound like a presidential candidate.

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