Lawmakers share their favorite holiday memories

WASHINGTON – The holidays are a time where people like to share their favorite memories and that’s happening on Capitol Hill too.

When Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) was a kid, his parents surprised him with a pony.

“My dad and mom thought it was a great Christmas surprise to get a little pony, in town, and they put straw in the garage and led us out on Christmas morning to meet our little pony. We called him Brownie; it was really clever, with my last name Brown.”

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly (R) says one of his Christmas memories included a very special gift from Santa.

“I can remember coming down the stairs and seeing this train track, and this train going around the tree, and I thought “Oh my goodness, Santa Clause brought me a train!”

The holidays aren’t complete without a Christmas tree and Colorado Congressman Scott Tipton (R) would know a thing or two about that. In , the Capitol Christmas tree came from his own district.

“ My favorite memory growing up was when I got my first set of skis. I came out and tried to act surprised, but when it’s a long, narrow box that’s a little taller than you, you knew what was in there, and you just couldn’t wait to open it up.”

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (D) says it’s all about spending time with his four daughters.

“It was a lot of fun when they were kids because they would be tearing the wrapping paper of their presents, but there’s still a lot of joy and a lot of anticipation and a lot of Christmas spirit so we’re lucky.”

Lawmakers say they look forward to the holiday season all year long – and it’s not just because Congress is on recess. It’s because it’s the time when lawmakers create those cherished holiday memories.

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