Washington Bureau: major headlines in 2014

WASHINGTON – It’s never a dull moment in the world of politics. Throughout 2014, our Washington Bureau was there to cover it all. Inside the United States Capitol, it was a year full of major political headlines, partisan bickering, and some voting on legislation.

President Obama kicked off 2014 with his fifth State of the Union address – warning Congress he planned to push his agenda even if it meant he had to do it all by himself.

The “go it alone attitude” in Obama’s speech dominated this year in Washington, as conservatives and liberals battled with the president publicly.

One of the biggest stories of the year – the botched Obamacare rollout – which still has many Republican lawmakers reeling, and asking for a repeal.

And the biggest story impacting those who served our country: the death of dozens of veterans, the result of an internal cover up at the Department of Veterans Affairs, leading to the resignation of the Veterans Affairs chief.

The biggest win of the year came in November when Republicans won control of the Senate.

And just a few weeks ago, protestors marched to the Capitol asking for “justice for all” in response to decisions not to indict police officers in the deaths of 2 black civilians.

And possibly the biggest political story of the year: averting the government shutdown. Lawmakers voted to avert a government shutdown at the last minute.

When lawmakers return in January, they’ll likely battle over immigration reform and the keystone pipeline early in the year. The Department of Homeland Security’s budget runs out in February – leaving lawmakers plenty to argue about in 2015.

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