Thousands join in “Justice for All” march in DC

WASHINGTON – Their chants are familiar – their outrage sparked by the recent decisions to not indict police officers in the deaths of 2 black civilians: Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

“I’m here to make a change,” said 19-year-old Micah Jasmine, who traveled to the rally from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Thousands of people marched in solidarity, displaying signs and looking for answers.

“In this country, we make changes by doing what we’re doing here today,” Jasmine said. “We’ve passed laws so we can march.”

These demonstrators said having this march in Washington is especially significant. Because they say while they know these demonstrations are forcing people to pay attention to their cause, it’s the people who work here who can make the biggest changes.

“This is where all the laws, everything, comes into place and are made that everyone needs to abide by,” said Michelle Holmes, from Washington, D.C. “Including officers, who take an oath.”

“These are the people who make our laws, to protect all of us,” Jasmine said. “And if you don’t watch who you put in Congress this is what happens. No change will happen.”

They’re passionate, but peaceful. And they’re not alone. This demonstration comes on the heels of other protests across the country. Everyone from mothers to athletes and even staff members on Capitol Hill – They come from different places, but their message is the same:

“This has been an ongoing problem,” Holmes said. “And it’s going to continue to be an ongoing problem until somebody steps in and says enough is enough.”

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