Portman says no to presidency

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Rob Portman (R) announced today he isn’t running for president in 2016, but the senator says he plans to run again to keep his senate seat.

Portman says he’s ready to break the gridlock here in Washington and actually get things done to help people in Ohio and across the country, telling us he thinks he can do that best right here in Congress – not in the White House.

A couple months ago, Portman told us, “I will make that decision after these elections coming up in November.”

Those elections are over – Portman helped Republicans gain control of the Senate, but still, he says he is not running for president in 2016.

Portman has the credentials and the experience to run, but says he is going to focus on fixing the tax code, helping small businesses grow, expanding U.S. exports, and producing more American energy.

Maybe Portman won’t be commander in chief, but some people here in Washington are still hoping Portman might be chosen as a vice presidential candidate.

In 2012, Portman was vetted for the spot under Mitt Romney.

We asked Portman’s Senate companion, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), about the news.

“I spoke with Senator Portman last night, he was nice enough to call me and tell me he wasn’t doing that. I enjoy the relationship we have. He said to me ‘you said in response to my thinking of running for President that everyone who runs for President is crazy’ and he laughed and I said ‘yeah, I think anybody that does run for president is crazy!’ So, he’s decided he wants to stay here and good for him.”

Portman’s decision comes as Republicans prepare to take over the Senate in January. Portman says he plans to formally announce his senate run next year.

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