OH veterans visit Vietnam War Memorial

WASHINGTON – For one final time – a group of veterans from North West Ohio un-boarded buses in Washington, D.C., to visit the monuments, and pay respects to their fallen comrades.

“It’s a form of healing for us, and for me,” said Vietnam War veteran Paul Johnson. “I think all of us here look at it that way – being a healing experience.”

This group, of more than 100, made up the final Honor Flight from North West Ohio. The first stop, was the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, which gave the veterans the chance to look back.

“For me, it’s a chance to remember all of these gentleman whose name is on that wall, who fought and died for a cause,” said Al Nehls, a Vietnam War veteran.

The wall is covered in more than 58,000 names; each one belonging to a person who died, or went MIA during the Vietnam War.

The veterans looked for the names of people they fought with, and paid their respects at the wall. They also had the chance to talk with each other, which is an experience that these veterans said is unexplainable.

“They can relate together,” said Johnson. “A lot of people don’t understand the emotions of it, and the other veterans do. So that helps.”

“Just something about being a veteran, and being with all these other veterans – it touches you,” said Nehls. “And you can’t help but feel proud, too.”

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