Couple visits WWII memorial after 62 years together

WASHINGTON – John and Suzanne Roth take pictures together at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. They’ve been together for 62 years, but seeing the memorial was a new experience for them.

“The way that people have come out and supported, not just us, but all the veterans on this tour, it’s just great, it’s awesome,” said Suzanne Roth, a Korean War Veteran.

The Roths came to DC as part of an Honor Flight from Northwest Ohio. They joined dozens of other veterans visiting the sites around the city. The Roths said seeing DC was great, but for them, being together was even better.

“Oh, it’s great!” said John Roth, who served in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. “We like to go together. We’re joined at the hip.”

The Roths met during the Korean War in North Carolina. John was a solider, Suzanne handled secretarial duties. Suzanne said seeing the memorial with her husband was a great moment for them.

“I’m totally amazed,” she said. “I just never experienced anything like this.”

The veterans on the Honor Flight had the chance to see the memorial, and reflect on their service. Plus, they had the opportunity to talk with other veterans. The Roths say they felt lucky to be a part of it.

“To read the quotes, around on the stones and to see this, and the other memorials, too. It’s outstanding,” said John Roth. “It’s very nice.”

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