RAMI passes House, stalls in Senate

WASHINGTON – President Obama made American manufacturing a big priority in his State of the Union address eight months ago, and now Congress is one step closer to passing legislation aimed at improving manufacturing.

The House of Representatives recently passe the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act, or RAMI. It is a bill that would train the work force, and put more focus and funding into manufacturers in America.

“It’s about putting manufacturing first on the priority of America so we create jobs,” said Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY.)

Reed helped author that bill in the House. He said RAMI will have a long-term, positive effect on Americans.

“We care about our kids, we care about our grandkids and this is about giving them opportunities to take care of themselves and their families for generations to come,” he said.

Even though RAMI passed overwhelmingly in the House, it has not been brought up for a vote in the Senate. But, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who helped author the Senate version of the bill, said voting on RAMI will be a top priority once he and his colleagues return to D.C. In November.

“The more advanced manufacturing we generate through research and community colleges and local business with assistance from the federal government and local labor unions, the more manufacturing we have,” Brown said.

Brown went on to say that more manufacturing, means more economic growth across the country.

“The supply chain creates a whole bunch of jobs, not just in manufacturing for components, but also the hardware store and the local grocery store,” Brown said. “It all matters that way.”

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