MI veterans visit WWII memorial

WASHINGTON – It was a special day for more than 60 mid-Michigan veterans on Wednesday. They traveled to Washington, D.C. To visit the WWII Memorial.

“It kind of brings back memories,” said Adam Harold, WWII veteran and Flint Native. “And I’ll never forget it. It’s a treat, really.”

The veterans traveled to the nation’s Capitol as part of an Honor Flight, to visit the memorial, and see the sights around DC. They all had different experiences during the war, but they felt similar things on Wednesday.

“It’s a wonderful surprise and I really value this experience,” Harold said.

Another WWII veteran, Gerald Leroy McFall, had never seen the memorial before Wednesday. It was a first-time experience he said he really enjoyed.

The veterans took pictures and walked around the memorial, reflecting on their service and talking to other WWII vets.

“I didn’t know any of them, but I’d become acquaintances with a number of them last night,” said WWII veteran Richard Francis Porter. “It’s great.”

They represent mid-Michigan with their shirts. A shirt that also holds this very important message: It’s never too late to thank a veteran.

And as they walked around the memorial, they got a lot of “thanks.” And they made a lot of new memories, while remembering their old ones.

“Of course it brings back different types of memories,” Porter said. “I hope that we’re deserving of it – and I think of those that are not fortunate enough to be here.”

Honoring those who aren’t present, and enjoying those who are – remembering: it’s never too late to say thank you.

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