WTVG: Conservative lawmakers talk controversial topics

August 2013


WASHINGTON – Immigration. The economy. Healthcare. Every month, Ohio’s Congressman Jim Jordan chairs an event for like-minded politicians to discuss controversial topics like these. ‘Conversations with Conservatives’ is a place for Jordan, one of the most conservative lawmakers in Congress, to speak his mind.

“We are going to use every opportunity, every forum we can to make our case for why we think our solutions are better for families and better for the country,” he said.

The event, which is live streamed online, hosts some of the most conservative republicans in the House, who meet over lunch to talk about their conservative ideals, while taking questions from the press.

“We want to get Washington spending under control,” said Rep. Steve Scalise, R-LA., on the country’s economy.

And with the House and Senate immigration bill still incomplete, the congressmen also talked about the cons of adding more people to an already frail job market.

“We don’t have 40 million jobs…or enough money for 40 million people to get benefits,” said Rep. Steve Pearce, R-NM.

13 ABC Washington Bureau Chief Jacqueline Policastro asked about the cuts to food stamps, and Jordan shared his thoughts.

“We want to help taxpayers who need it, and we want to help taxpayers who are now paying a lot of money into this program,” he said.

Jordan and the rest of the group call themselves free-market,liberty –minded conservatives. And they say they’ll do lunch again next month, same time, same place.

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