Gary Peters vies for open Michigan Senate seat

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP – Dozens of supporters gather in a small room in Royal Oak, Michigan to make phone calls, relay information and support Gary Peters – the man they want to see in the United States Senate.

The election is still more than 90 days away, but for these supporters, every day counts.

“This is really where the rubber hits the road,” said Gary Peters, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator. “It’s about the get-out-the-vote effort, which is critical.”

Campaign ground work is nothing new for Peters; he spent his honeymoon campaigning back when he ran for a seat on the Michigan State Senate.

Now, there are volunteers, like Patty Campbell, to help him out.

“He’s never, ever wavered on anything he’s ever said, and I just respect him so much,” Campbell said. “And, I just don’t think the other side has a quality candidate.”

Peters’ political career is on the line, but the majority of the U.S. Senate is also at stake this election. Another volunteer, Al Halber, said he wants the senate seat being vacated by Carl Levin, to stay in Democratic hands.

“I supported Gary Peters since he first got into politics,” Harber said. “He’s been a great man every place he’s gone.”

With volunteers and supporters all around him, Peters shows he is ready to go back to Washington – this time as a U.S. Senator. And, he said, thanks to these supporters, he thinks his chances of winning are good.

“It’s about people power,” Peters said. “It’s about what you are seeing here today. It’s about people who are willing to get out there and deliver a message person-to-person.”

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