OH businessman discusses future of retail

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The future of retail. That is what brought business owner Jeffrey Erb to Washington D.C. At the end of July. He met with more than 100 other business owners during the Retail Advocates Summit.

“Everybody’s here from retail, so there’s tons of networking opportunities, lots and lots and lots of things to learn,” Erb said.

The retailers use the summit as a chance to hear from other business owners, learn about current legislation and its effects on small businesses, and find out how their small businesses can make a big difference.

Erb, and the other retailers, also met with lawmakers during their visit, and share their concerns about the future of retail.

“I worry a little bit about government intrusion, too much regulation, too much involvement,” Erb said, “so I think we have to be careful not to press too hard, and slow retail down.”

And Erb said he plans to take this opportunity to tell lawmakers how their decisions on Capitol Hill, affect his company in Ohio.

“I think it’s important that they hear from NW Ohio what’s on our minds and what’s important to us,” Erb said. “And hopefully we can steer them in the right direction.”

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