PA senators battle on the field

WASHINGTON – “Scrantonicity” versus “Hit it Toomey.” That’s how two Pennsylvania senators spent the evening, playing a feisty game of softball.

“We are all ready to go, the team has been practicing, it is a fine-tuned machine right now,” said Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

It’s the fourth year the senators and their staff have played ball under the Capitol lights.

“It’s intense,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA). “You’ll notice I haven’t gone over to say ‘hello’ to him; I haven’t greeted him. We’ll spend some time afterwards talking, but right now, it’s all business.”

The national mall is an amazing place for a softball game – cool weather, and hot competition.

Team Toomey has won two of the past three softball games, but Casey team members say it’s not all about the score.

“It’s kind of surreal actually, when you’re running around having a good time and you’re like ‘wow, I’m really in the middle of these two very recognizable monuments.’ It’s pretty awesome, this game always means a lot to us,” said staffer Patrick Miller.

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