Toledo processing center back on chopping block

WASHINGTON – The Toledo mail processing center is still on the chopping block, leaving hundreds of workers at the center in limbo. This comes after some of the processing at the center was moved to Columbus, Ohio and Pontiac, Michigan last year.

The closure is slated for January 2015.
The United States Postal Service claims there won’t be any firings, just retirements and relocations.

“There are hundreds of jobs at stake in our region,” said Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH).
Kaptur helped delay full closure for more than a year, but things keep getting worse for the Postal Service.

In the last three years, USPS recorded financial losses of $26 billion dollars.

“They have been asked by some members of Congress, not this one, to pre-fund their benefit programs at a level that is crushing the operation itself,” Kaptur said.

The Postal Service doesn’t get any tax-payer funds to pay for operating costs and gets all of its revenues from the sale of products and services.

Kaptur says she thinks the Postal Service should be allowed to expand.

“The solution is to allow the postal service to offer additional services,” she said.

Services like check cashing and deposits and selling bonds.

But the Postal Service says Congress is part of the problem – pointing to uncertainty surrounding legislative reform and review of postal rates.

The first round of closures saved the Postal Service $865 million per year. And the next round, including closing the Toledo plant, is expected to save $750 million per year.

“We’re hoping if we can just keep it open then I think we have more options and we’re asking the Postmaster General to continue to delay any closure at our service,” Kaptur said.

While the Congresswoman says she remains hopeful, it’s definitely an uphill battle for the Toledo plant as the U.S. Postal Service plans to close 82 plants next year.

However, the Toledo Post Office will remain open. The Postal Service says customers in Toledo won’t notice any change in service.

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