Influx of immigrants causing problems

WASHINGTON – It’s been called an “epidemic” and the president has called it an “urgent situation” – tens of thousands of undocumented children crossing the southern border of the United States unsupervised, in the hopes of starting a new life in America. Now, some members of Congress are asking the president to take big steps to prevent this from continuing.

“The numbers are just boggling – mind boggling,” said Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI).

60,000 and climbing higher, that’s the number of children who have recently come to the Southern border of the U.S. from Central American countries.

“I think in the immediacy, the president has to call up the National Guard, and you have to stop it at its source,” Miller said.

Miller is the Vice Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. She’s calling on the president to take immediate action, and give U.S. border patrol officers a break.

“Not only are they acting sort of as babysitters, as they figure out what to do with all these children, but that leaves the drug cartels, pretty much they have a free run at it right now,” she said.

Miller says the president is to blame for this situation, calling his 2012 decision to defer the deportation of children who illegally enter the country, “flawed and confusing.” Miller says because of that decision, immigrant families think their children are welcome in the U.S.

Now, she says, the president needs to set the record straight.

“I think this administration needs to have a very aggressive public service campaign in the centrals, Central America, telling these countries that that is not so,” Miller said.

Democrats in Congress are weighing in on this situation, too. They say this is part of a much larger issue, and it’s just another sign that Congress needs to work together to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Some national projections say as many as 100,000 children will try to cross the border by the end of this year.

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