From small-town guy to gubernatorial candidate

WASHINGTON – American flags blow in the wind, and signs saying “Tom Wolf for Governor” are planted in front yards. This is Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania: small-town U.S.A.

“Of course the old saying, you know, is that everybody in a small town is rather famous,” said Mount Wolf resident Mary Toomey. “But the famous that we were with each other, was knowing that we could help each other and did.”

Toomey is a long-time supporter of Tom Wolf, the Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania governor. Toomey said she has known him since the day he was born. When Wolf was 10 years old, he sang a solo in Toomey’s church choir.

“I just think he is one of the finest people I have ever known,” Toomey said of the nominee. “And for him to come from this small town and to rise to this point in his life for all of us, we’re just spastic!”

The pride in Mount Wolf is obvious. It is in the small-town feel, in the signs that commemorate the town’s 100th anniversary, and in the people.

People like John Brenner, who also supports Wolf’s run.

“He is a gentleman that you can trust,” Brenner said. “I think if Tom Wolf tells you something, he will do what he says that he can do for you. He’s just a down to earth person.”

The quiet and quaint town changed on election night. It was a big celebration, with sincere cheers of support, at the local baseball stadium, where Wolf set up his headquarters to track election results.

The spirit of the small town propelled Wolf to win the Democratic primary for governor. But at the beginning of the year, Wolf was a political unknown without a heavy ground game.

Then, he took out a big TV ad buy, touting himself as a “hometown guy.”

Now, Wolf is in the political spotlight and in the race for Pennsylvania Governor.

“It is truly amazing how a hometown small town boy can get his name across the state, how people seem to be rallying around him,” said another Wolf supporter, Patti Kinder. “I think because they see the sincerity of him. I think it’s awesome; it’s just amazing to me.”

Mount Wolf is the kind of community where people look out for each other. And for the Democratic nominee, his roots in the town are deep. It is named after Wolf’s great-great-grandfather and his family business is still thriving there.

As Tom Wolf runs for governor, his life is changing, but his hometown will stay the same.

Tucked behind railroad tracks, is the home Wolf’s his grandpa built. The home where Tom Wolf still lives.

And, like the rest of Mount Wolf, he has a campaign sign planted in the front yard.

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