PA Congressman: No tolls on existing interstates

WASHINGTON – They’re already enforced on state roads like the Pennsylvania turnpike, but now, a proposal by the Obama Administration could mean you’ll be forced to pay a toll on existing interstates, too.

“It’s bad for the economy overall to tax the interstates in particular,” said Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA).

Thompson said imposing tolls on existing roads is not a solution, and if it happens, he said it would have a negative impact on the local economy.

“When you think of our location, we are strategically located as a commonwealth, within a days drive to the large majority of the population of the United States of America,” Thompson said. “I just think it’s counter-intuitive and adverse to the economy in Pennsylvania to put tolls on those interstates.”

Thompson said tolls could also endanger the potential for job growth in the area, particularly in manufacturing.

“We want to grow more manufacturing, we want to produce more goods, and we want to ship those outside the boundaries of Pennsylvania,” Thompson said.

The Obama Administration proposed the tolls, to raise money for maintenance and repairs on the interstates. Thompson said he is not opposed to tolls in general, but said they should only be imposed on newly constructed roads and not existing interstates.

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