Hundreds rally for minimum wage hike

WASHINGTON – “No to poverty wages and no to corporate tax giveaways!”

The chants could be heard all over the Capitol grounds. Hundreds of people from all over the country gathered Monday afternoon to share their frustrations with income inequality and corporate tax breaks.

Democrats in Congress, as well as the Obama Administration, are listening, and are calling for a raise to the federal minimum wage.

“We need a strong voice and there is power in numbers,” said Steven Walls, who traveled from Pittsburgh to join in on the rally and throw his support behind other ralliers.

Some even took a day off from work to attend the rally.

“I am one of those workers that make minimum wage. And it’s not enough. It’s not enough,” said Patricia Fuller, a member of Michigan United. Michigan United is a grassroots organization for social and economic justice.

Fuller traveled to Washington from Detroit. She joined hundreds of others – holding signs, demanding equality, and asking Congress for a shot.

“I couldn’t afford to take off but I did, because it’s for myself and others that are hurting,” Fuller said.

The ralliers say they want to see their elected officials take action to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10.

“Let’s talk about raising it so that we can bring it up to a livable wage because there’s minimum and there’s livable and there’s a big gap between those two things,” said Chris Travers of Youngstown, Ohio.

Each rallier has a different story and comes from a different place. But on Monday they came together to raise their voices, hoping their members of Congress are paying attention to their woes.

“Until people continue to build this movement that we’re doing, they’ll never listen to us. The government responds when the people start acting,” said Samuel Johnson, another Michigan United member.

Though Democrats in Congress are talking about raising the minimum wage, the ralliers said they will not rest until they have more money in their pockets.

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