Ohio family returns to Boston one year after bombings

BOSTON – Nick Apling is from Oak Harbor, Ohio. But this weekend, he and his family are Boston Strong.
From cookies at the coffee shop, to signs in store windows, the words are everywhere across the city.

“Runners just want to take back our own event and not be deterred by anyone,” Apling said. “I mean, we have to be resilient if we run 26.2 miles.”

Apling was in Boston at the time of the bombings last year. He witnessed the explosion just over an hour after he finished the race. He said it sounded like a cannon was being shot.

“Then you heard the second explosion, and then the cops and the firefighters running over to those barricades just ripping them apart,” Apling said. “You just knew something, something wasn’t right.”

Apling’s wife, Mary Apling, said surviving the Boston bombings brought their family even closer together.

“I was three months pregnant at the time and I was an emotional mess and he kept us strong,” she said.

Now one year later, for the Apling family, the meaning of the race has changed.

“He wanted to prove to everybody that they’re not going to stop him or stop anyone,” Mary Apling said. “So it’s the strength of Boston strong.”

Apling’s father, said he is glad to be back in Boston with his son this year.

“Last year, it was probably just a routine race. But this year, it’s got a little more meaning to it,” he said.
The Aplings are a long way from Oak Harbor, Ohio. But now, like the rest of the city, the family is Boston strong.

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