MI Congressman introduces tax reform draft

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Dave Camp (R-MI) hopes this is the year Americans will see an overhaul of the tax code.
It came after more than 30 Congressional hearings and the creation of 11 separate bipartisan tax reform groups. It’s called the Tax Reform Act of 2014.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Camp introduced the draft, saying it can create nearly 2 million new jobs, strengthen the economy and give families and individuals breaks when it comes to filing income taxes. In addition to that, Camp says this draft legislation will allow the average middle-class family of four to keep an additional $1,300 per year because of lower tax rates and a stronger economy. Camp told the crowd on Wednesday that tax reform is long overdue, and opening the debate on this draft legislation is the best step for the country.

“I want to see us have a stronger America,” he said. “I want to see us have the strongest economy in the world. I want to see us get our debt limit back, I want to see families prospering again. Tax reform is one way do that. There are other issues that also help move that forward, but tax reform is a big one. And one that moves us in a positive direction according to the non-partisan referees that analyze our tax bills.”

Congressman Camp says he’s looking forward to continuing the conversation on his newest draft legislation, and he’s looking for input on it from everyone.

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